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Amidst confusion n melancholy
In world of illusion n odious ungodly
There lies an innocent being blatantly
Bearing the pain of misogyny..

A Beautiful Lie

I still remember your innocent eyes
Holding my hand with childish cries
Fighting with ur parents for petty lies
Far from sight, saw you running

To My Love

One day I asked my tear
Why are you leaving me dear?
It replied since I am sad
For missing someone too bad

The Lost Self

The more I try to forget u
The more you are disturbing me
It's very difficult being me without you
Js pushing the things hoping to meet me

The One Lonely Girl

I know a little girl
In an island of world
My best part
Don't know where to start

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I am a student, a naturalist, a traveller. I love writing poems, short stories, a dreamer and above all a simple human being.
Thanks for stopping by to read my poems.

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