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I am a student, a naturalist, a traveller. I love writing poems, short stories, a dreamer and above all a simple human being.
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Amidst confusion n melancholy
In world of illusion n odious ungodly
There lies an innocent being blatantly
Bearing the pain of misogyny..
When eyes see problematically accepting white n black mischievously
Is it the problem of eyes or humanity?
Or the society which allowed it silently?
Gone are days where truth speaks triumphantly
In this era of boundless informatory
Truth n false - decided wickedly n selfishly
Aghast with agony of loosing closely
Doomed - with the idea of others loosely
Dodging the reality of oneness in infinity
No one can confirm it truthfully
As one see it differently meaningfully
The only way truth can prevail undoubtedly
Is...Heart where believes other heart lovingly
Selflessly truly beautifully n faithfully
Almighty, bless the inherent goodness of humanity
Let every dawn see the sunlight truthfully
Let not twilight of dusk cloud ones conscious completely...

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Thati pramod sai Popularity

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