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03 February 2015

Opportunities are like birds, you miss them they fly away

20 July 2015

When the time comes, you will realize that your current relationship is nothing but a perfect joke, and that's when you wish you were stupid enough to let go.

09 August 2015

passionate friends feel for you, strong friends strengthens you.all of them are good friends

14 August 2015

Getting older means getting value, but i think the time of youth is best of all.

14 August 2015

Hard times are when you feel bad and decide to go home and seek comfort from your moms bossom, only to the pain of remembering that she is long gone

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Deepak Manchanda 08 July 2015

Nice work. Keep it up!

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The Best Poem Of Tinashe Mupedzapasi


The bed is cold and the night is empty
The night is long
Starring at the curtain dancing to the cold night winds
I have nothing to do no words to utter
The bed is cold and empty
I cant make it warm
I'm alone, where art thou
You didn't text tonight
I thought you would stop by
This night is long and cold
i need you here

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Tinashe Mupedzapasi Popularity

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