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Grandma and grandpa need an iron,
they’re such a wrinkly pair.
I am sure they weren’t that crumpled,
the last time I was there.

Who is that in the mirror?
Surely, that’s not me,
I’m not seeing my own reflection,
Oh no, this can not be.

As the pictures were being taken of the bride and groom, the bride’s maids and pageboys were waiting for their turn to be on the photographs. The children were running around all excited about the day. There were people taking their own photographs and there were lots of big smiles all around. Some people were wearing big fancy hats. Everyone was in their best clothes and wearing nice shiny shoes.
There were people, who had not seen each other for a very long time and they were getting up to date about what had happened since the last time they had seen each other.
The weather started to turn cold, especially in the shade, so now one of the bride’s maids needs Dad’s coat to keep herself warm.

This is how it all began.
Why reindeers are pulling Santa's sleigh.
There are nine little reindeers
and Rudolph has always lit the way.

The pain of love can be bad,
sometimes it can be very sad.

It can hurt and rip you inside

There was an old lady
She went up in a balloon,
She went to have a dance
With the man from the moon,


If I were a tree,
and someone made a swing on me,
I would enjoy their laughter.

As I was walking through a wood, I came across a clearing, there on a hillside my eyes met a vision. There were thousands of golden daffodils. Each flower had an angel sitting by its side and they were softly blowing into the trumpet of the bloom. Their wings were fluttering with the sway of the breeze and they were wearing colourful delicate silks, which enhanced the different golden heads of the flowers. The gentle music caressed my ears.
I stood in wonderment listening to a sound I had never heard before. A congregation of angels harmonized with the trumpets of the daffodils.
I watched as one by one the angels slowly ascended towards heaven. The music slowly getting softer until the very last angel was left standing there. She looked at me and with a sparkle and a twinkle she was gone…

Let me tell you a secret,
one, which is quite true.

I am from another planet,

I went to a ball the other day,
We had such a feast!
There was Caterpillar pie, butterfly Wings
Bread and Butter Beasts, ants on sticks

I’m not in with the in crowd,
I don’t know what the in crowd knows.

I’m not in with the in crowd,

I am looking through my window,
Just at the break of day.
I have just yawned and rubbed my eyes.
Can you imagine my surprise?

When you wed,
may the sun smile down on you.

May your glass be full of champagne.

Mrs Asbury bought three bananas from the greengrocers. She took them home and put them in her fruit bowl, along with the other fruit that was already in there. Apples, oranges, pears and grapes. One by one the fruit started to be picked out of the bowl and eaten.
Well, Keith, one of the Bananas, did not want to be eaten by himself he wanted to be eaten in style. He squeaked, “I want to be eaten with cream and cherries or I am going to stay in this bowl.” stay, he did. He thought he had been forgotten about, in fact he was quite wrong and then someone unzipped him.
He yelped, “You can’t eat me on my own, I want more” and then, a magic thing happened. He shouted “FREEDOM” and sprouted legs and he ran through the door. He was half way through the door, but then, he was caught. He could now see there was cream on the table and there were cherries as well. He had such a lovely feeling inside and he was happy too. Now, his dream had all come true.

There is a light
That lights the night
When it’s too dark to see
It’s by my bed

My hat is far too big,
I don’t know what to do!

It keeps slipping over my eyes,

I'm a farter,
I've been a farter all my life.
I try too keep it in, but,
it hurts and does not feel very nice.

knock on wood for luck
Cross your fingers too
I really hope you get what you want
I really hope you do

Where are you going in such a hurry?
Slow down now, don’t you worry,
You will get there, right on time
Just stop and have a breather,

Pamela lutwyche Biography

I am a 57 year old mother of two young men. I have two beautiful grandchildren, Max six and Jay three, whom I love dearly.I work for a departmemt store. I have worked there for eight years; it’s a good company to work for. I have been writing children's stories/ poems for a very long time. If I ever win any money, I would love to get some of the poems on this site into print, as I think there are some fantastic poems by some good poets. I like funny poems I‘m not too fond of poems that make me feel sad.)

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Grandma And Grandpa

Grandma and grandpa need an iron,
they’re such a wrinkly pair.
I am sure they weren’t that crumpled,
the last time I was there.

Grandpa is bold and grandma is grey,
grandpa, says grandma has chased his hair away,
grandpa has no teeth, grandma has a few,
grandpa can wiggle his false teeth,
When he looks at you.

Grandpa can’t remember,
a lot of things that are said.
So, grandma has to shout,
to get it into his head,

I love them both, their very kind to me,
I wouldn’t like to be with out,
grandpa and grandma you see.

Grandpa grows veg, in his vegetable patch,
grandma can freeze it, to make it last.
Grandpa, says grandma cooks such lovely grub,
grandma says to grandpa lets eat,
then go down to the pub.

Grandpa has a pint,
grandma has a sherry.
After a few grandma gets quite merry,
they talk about the olden days,
and the things they used to do.
That was before I was born,
and before my Mum was born too,

There was home made ginger beer,
not like what you get now.
In those days, they said,
it was taster some how.
There were coal men with horses,
rag and bone men too.
Coming down their road,
shouting things to you.

The children were playing ball,
playing cow boys and Indians,
or just sitting on a wall.

They made their own entertainment,
there was much more laughter too,
I love to listen about the things,
grandpa and grandma used to do.

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Sarah Sisson 29 November 2008

That is adorable! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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