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I am a 57 year old mother of two young men. I have two beautiful grandchildren, Max six and Jay three, whom I love dearly.I work for a departmemt store. I have worked there for eight years; it’s a good company to work for. I have been writing children's stories/ poems for a very long time. If I ever win any money, I would love to get some of the po ...

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Grandma And Grandpa

Grandma and grandpa need an iron,
they’re such a wrinkly pair.
I am sure they weren’t that crumpled,
the last time I was there.

Old Age

Who is that in the mirror?
Surely, that’s not me,
I’m not seeing my own reflection,
Oh no, this can not be.

Dad's Best Coat

As the pictures were being taken of the bride and groom, the bride’s maids and pageboys were waiting for their turn to be on the photographs. The children were running around all excited about the day. There were people taking their own photographs and there were lots of big smiles all around. Some people were wearing big fancy hats. Everyone was in their best clothes and wearing nice shiny shoes.
There were people, who had not seen each other for a very long time and they were getting up to date about what had happened since the last time they had seen each other.
The weather started to turn cold, especially in the shade, so now one of the bride’s maids needs Dad’s coat to keep herself warm.

Rudolph Santa's Head Reindeer

This is how it all began.
Why reindeers are pulling Santa's sleigh.
There are nine little reindeers
and Rudolph has always lit the way.

Balloon Lady

There was an old lady
She went up in a balloon,
She went to have a dance
With the man from the moon,

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Sarah Sisson 29 November 2008

That is adorable! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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