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You cant resist my golden curves,
my haughty angelic reserve,
I am the colors in a painter's palette,
the irresistible Charlotte.

She blew five candles
On her cake, angel
In a pink dress, hair
In little pigtails

As I sit on my high chair,
My mother, she feeds me,
With a tiny silver spoon,
Mashed carrots and potatoes,

Tender skin seized with teeth
magnetic rush, poetic hush,
Little bit of pressure,
Crumbs of love, slight pull,

Thin is in, thin is in
Bodies like paper, thin as fin
Thin as pencil, anemic skin
Portfolio of ribs, crying within

Wrapped in shinny wrappers,
golden, red, silver and brown,
chocolate, the king of sweets,
everyone's favorite treat,

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
The number of candles you blew,
And the number a years that flew

In all these dried mornings
And clear untold evenings
With My rambles and scribbles
My laments and stories

Then with the fall of every dropp of rain,
From nimbus with a grudge,
Into the lap of lush green trees,
Splash my mother's green roof

I have lived life a thousand years
at that one moment
when i hid in our arms,
as i looked in your eyes,

Party in the sky

You are invited to a splendid party, high in the sky
It is the best of the season you cant deny

Abandoned summer,
Hotter than the desert sand,
My bare body,
Trembles in your arms,

Under the broken bridge,
On that one silent night,
In acute misery, Rhapsodic agony,
Enraptured tunes

The day I loved you
My dear, I am all praise for
Your love and compassion,
Attentive gaze, The way you

The truth
However truthful
It may seem
Is after all a point of view

I am the Love Goddess,
Wearing a Grecian robe,
My skin like marble
White, bathed in milk,

Drunk is the night,
Drunk with rain,
Drunk as I am
With ur kisses insane.

This is the part of me,
You want to love,
This the part of me,
You want to take,

In this tradition of hypocrisy,
Rich sea of shams,
Virtue hides behind sanctimony,
Watch dogs are drooling at the prize,

Bold round watermelon
as a woman's breast.
Born in

Reshma Ramesh Biography

Dr.Reshma Ramesh is a bilingual poet writing in English and Kannada. Her poetry book ‘Reflection of Illusions’ (Writers Workshop) has been presented in the International Read and Share Conference attended by Asian Countries in Malaysia in April 2017. She is a member of World Congress of Poets and has presented her poetry in the 37th World Congress of poets Mongolia and Pulara 7and 8 International Poetry and Folk Song Festival Malaysia. Her poems have been presented in World Poetry Radio Show in Vancouver also have appeared in many international anthologies, journals and have been translated into Bengali, Turkish and Mongolian.She has been a guest lecture at the Narayana Engineering College Nellore for poetry and creative writing and has been a speaker at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2017. A distinction holder in BFA Photography KSOU she practices Dental Surgery in Bangalore.)

The Best Poem Of Reshma Ramesh

*as Beautiful As Me''

You cant resist my golden curves,
my haughty angelic reserve,
I am the colors in a painter's palette,
the irresistible Charlotte.

My eyes look like the sun in twilight,
fields of carnations smothered in sunlight.
I am as warm as sand, cool as dewdrops,
skin like the desert sand, making your breath stop.

I am sorry, you cant take your eyes off me,
Lilly of the valley, coral drops, potpourri
I am as true as a prayer, beautiful as a painting,
pure as mother's milk, ethereal beckoning.

It ain't my fault you fell in love,
my voice rings like bells, treasure trove,
as hot as a kiln, wet as a paint brush
lustrous hair, satin sheen, poetic hush.

l am as refreshing as water, I bring out the best in you
blazing star, trust me, you have the best view.
l am as plain as vanilla ice cream, crafty labyrinth
as dreamy as bed time stories, merely Jacinth

Don't blame me if you cant stop the feeling,
you were warned of the bolt of lightning
as bubbly as champagne, truthful as a mirror
I can read your thoughts, sexy conjuror

I am as kind as music, as witty as a child,
I cant help it if that drives you wild
tough as armour, brittle as toffee,
I am one of a kind, only as beautiful as me.

Reshma Ramesh Comments

Gopal Hariharan 12 September 2008

Reshma, I absolutely love every poem of yours - the shaes of life are colourful as well as dark when necessary! Keep up the good work.

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Paul Barnacle 20 September 2008

Beautiful and brutal, crafted in bleak reality, an uncomfortable joy to have read. Paul B

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p.a. noushad 31 October 2008

your poems are true to the spirit of the age

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Investigator Jamieson 08 September 2020

I love your poems....I am trying to reach out to you as you can see any way possible in ref to Ramesh Gandecha.....VERY IMPORTANT! 7062213267

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Aminur Rahman 14 November 2018

Nice poems, good translations too. Keep going dear poet Reshma Ramesh

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 30 April 2010

A talented poet with a rare courage and imagination with passion, concern and mastery in art.The book is splendid.I wish many more will come in the near future.

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Mario Rios Pinot 07 May 2009

Reshma, you have 180 poems? ? ? ! ! ! So far so good. Keep up the good writing...take a walk.

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Nia Riz 04 November 2008

a very promising writer and your works surely shows it! i love your poem 'daddy's darling' touched me a lot adn one day i will too write great poems like you. writemore and prove iot to the world that the talent of writing doesnt come easily....write about things you have never written about...explore the unexplored....go deep into others hearts and find out the hidden truths....learn from all the mistakes and write to the worlds end....for the glory.....write and write and show what pleasure writing gives! ...that is my dream...and i hope you fulfil it too...

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