A Bike Is Just A Bike Poem by Sylvia Chidi

A Bike Is Just A Bike

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A bike is just a bike
It can take you for a riding hike

A bike is just a bike
With a motorcycle it is a look alike

A bike is just a bike
When you ride it you feel childlike

But there is something I dislike
It is hard to impress and make a good strike
Two wheels and one seat available for hitchhike
Your charming words will have a declined spike
Therefore it is best to leave the bike for the dikes

Paul Reed 21 February 2014

Hi Sylvia, I like the repeating rhyme This was one I wrote in similar vein, hope you like it: Woe betide Those who deride Others on the slide No need to chide Chips to be fried Instead confide And together glide Go for a ride On the same side On a road thats wide No time to bide Or place to hide So don't be snide Go find a bride Then at least you've tried What others have spied On the River Clyde

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Malini Kadir 09 January 2008

Silvia I loved this observation of yours in practical reality.......of every day life....

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