malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY
malini kadir
Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY
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42 years of trekking on this earth,
Point A to Point B in an emotional journey.....through life..Till The 'C' of change, chance and choice challenged my life in this poetic swirl!

A teacher turned wife and mom.
young at heart, turn to art....
New to poetry......
A launch pad to fledglings of mine....
have logged in to experiment, explore ...

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Inch By Inch

Inch by Inch

Inch by inch
I shall impinge


Fishes serene
Free these creatures
Swimming wild?


The tides change
with the moon
The moods change
With the tide

Where Are You?

Where are you?

*in The Heart Of It!

The blue of sky bluer

The oceans greener

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14 November 2014

'Love is understanding the other's pain'

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Jerry Hughes 10 March 2007

Malini, you have a good lyrical turn of phrase. I'd like to see you write a bit more in free verse though. Affectionately, Jerry

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Mariposa Jonathan 21 March 2012


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Andrew mark Wilkinson 07 September 2007

Hema, You caught my eye one day, you left such a beautiful poetic comment on my poem of the day.. I thought that was so great, so I made my way to read just a few of your poems, we talked and I found such a great Friend and lady, so here i am everyday looking for Hema's latest poems, so should you... Love Andy

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Shanker Jwala 26 July 2007

malini, u r a greate poet.good job.i like your profession.god bless u.

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Zaibar Zee 21 June 2007

Hema, I found you a wonderful writer; .................your all narrations are spectacular and words containing some dept; ........... a few places rhyme breaks, I think every one have their own style to write.....; still I believe you are a thoughtful writer... keep writing on beautiful subjects.......Best of luck, regards, Zaibar

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Nagamuthu Osho 02 April 2007

Respected Poet, It is very rare poems, with full of faith and worth words. The poet's heart is very subtle and rustle with singing of melody. God BLESS you and your works. Thanking you, Yours Cordially, N.K.OSHO Editor: World Poetry Press Website:

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