A Car Is Just A Car! Poem by Sylvia Chidi

A Car Is Just A Car!

Rating: 4.2

A car is a car
If it can ride you nearby or far

A car is a car
When it gets you in time to the bar

A car is a car
When you are addressed as Madam or Sir

But for some
A car is not just a car
It is a home
After a daylight roam
It is a home
After a nightly roam
Kind of like a homelessness
Reoccurring syndrome

Now give me any banger of a car
I'll give it hotly showers of a sauna
Play sweet tunes to it from a guitar
By the time you watch me stand by it
And pose with an exotic cigar
Waiting to take you out to dinar
You may even prefer it to a modernised jaguar

You see, to me
A car is just a car
Be it in a new silver shining coat
Or one decorated with tarnished scars
The simple reality
Is they all have similar
Passenger capacity

Whether be it a personalised 8 seater stretch limousine
Or a Ferrari with an exploding roaring engine
A car is a car
A vehicle of motion
A medium of transportation
Even when it shows signs of erosion
As long as it can move from junction to junction
I personally sanction

A car is just a car

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi


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Selina Tan 11 September 2007

i love how you send seemingly simplistic message with such sound and clarity. again, nice one.

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The Stig 04 December 2012

A writer is just a writer!

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Patricia Grantham 19 March 2013

A car is just a car. You are sure right about this one. it does not matter whether it is a Lexus or an old fashioned Ford long as it gets you from point A to point B. A good write. Much appreciated.

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Ellie Bristoe 20 October 2012

I love love love this it is cool my mam dad sister brother all like this one it has my big thumbs up.

26 31 Reply
Imyourmum 21 July 2020

This is the most boring poem EVER

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MankDemes 26 February 2019

no, cars are a hobby for me.

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sugma 15 November 2018

get out me car. ]].

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Take you out to 'dinar'

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demetrius 26 March 2018

A car is just a peice of metal, but when you bumping 21 in it, it comes alive, but i disagree with this poem, smart cars are the way to go.

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lluuuiissss 04 May 2018

i personally disagree, i need space and a smart car does not offer that they have neither power nor grace i can't drive one without fearing what I'll look like if some hits me but that's a personal opinion

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