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A Call To Loneliness - Poem by Prabal Dev

O loneliness! Come to me, come hither
For I call you now
Is not that happiness has to me given agony
But for the reason that now, today, I’ve spent a lonely day
Hence tomorrow should not be lonely.

O loneliness! Come to me, come for me
For I plead to you
Is not that I gravely need you
But since you’ll be with me and that’s why I’ll leave him
That he should realize what it means to be lonely.
For he left me unto me and with them he went.
He shall realize when diamond’s gone then what now to repent.
For shall he realize that not I’m lonely
But more is he
Even in those mines of coal
Where diamonds are found no more.

O loneliness! Haste unto me
For now, and then never, with me you be.
Desperate not I am for you
But still for my prudential reasons I call for you
That you accept my invitation in my young
Lest be bared of my hospitality if in my old you come.

O loneliness! Come today to me, ‘someday else’ you need not to see
For a time once every man’s lonely.
‘To wait’, I can do it great
But oh you so sweet, lovely, lonely, loneliness
For you my patience tolerates no late.
If today’s great, why tomorrow to wait?
You’re welcome as a fortune at my gate.

O loneliness! Come to me. With you, fortune do bring.
What wry words do say I –think not so, pray I
For my intention to mock is no way here
What fortune you’ll bring hereby I declare:
Out take me from the crowd that I am in
You will present me with the ‘who’ I am in
And make realize me of my existence here,
My purpose here, when loneliness to you I bear.

‘Alone you came, alone you go,
Make your life a worthful flow’
When the plangent sound of these
Words in my loneliness I hear,
My aim I realize is not far, not near.
Thereby, to make that flow,
From ‘loneliness’ to converted ‘tranquility’, I go
Where the seeds of my knowledge I sow
To reap the creation of my flow.
That’s my worthful flow there, my worthful life there!
There in the future then I’ll say-
All this was because of that lonely day, that lovely day.

O loneliness! See what fortune you will bring!
You’ll make me what I want to be in.
So, oh, you loneliness, today come to me.

Now sheer waste of time it will be
If I plead you to come to me.
For now you know how important you are
So very proud on yourself, you’ll ignore me at this hour.
But before you do so, I warn thee
If now you ignore me even on such pleading
I’ll spurn thee when later you come for me heeding
And then, without me, alone will you be left
Your loneliness will kill you and you’ll lay there bleeding.

O be grateful to me that I call you
For you are called by none.
See, I’ve obliged you by calling you today.
Services shall you receive none if you delay.

O what dignity do you have when you reach others uncalled?
Prior me first for the reasons I described all.
But you being an unrivalled, unchained, unbounded natural element,
I apologize for the wrongs I said.
And in the end I just ask you to come to me today,
For if today I’ve spent a lonely day
And your span with me now completes
Hence tomorrow don’t be with me
Hence tomorrow should not be lonely
Should not be lonely…

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