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The purpose of our existence is to discover who we are and why we are. My quest for the same is on...

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Grandparents And Grandchildren

Work upon day and night,
Parents leave children behind.


Humanity will be crippled if humans ignore one another
And so shall I be if I don’t write down this composition.
These free verses are not a description of the title
But are fragments of my broken soul, echoing their grief from the tip of my pen.


Again I’ve set out to write because I can’t speak
I prefer to pen my voice than to hear it.
Call it my unsocialness or introvertedness
Or rather a writer’s lust.

Beautiful Memories

In the dawn of the day
Or dusk you may say
Time and again
Like of a poem's refrain

A Six Lines Poem

Anonymity reveals itself in this verse of mine,
The Platonic philicity is what makes it rhyme.
Heart has had his hunger now fed,
Alive again rises this body stained red.

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