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A Conviction Of Faith (Is What You Need) - Poem by Luke Easter


A conviction of faith leads to a call for action,
In becoming the whole and not just a fraction,
I simply must not and cannot stress this enough,
You have to be all, not a part when times are tough.

You’ve asked for a physical healing, it’s taking so long,
This does not mean that you’re doing anything wrong,
You just might have to sever some hindering ties,
With any or all who use excuses for their alibis.

Three, five, however many years you’ll have to wait,
Continue to be strong, pursue standing in the faith,
One question, exactly what else are you going to do?
No medicine or treatment works cancel that one-two.

Financial dealings are crooked instead of traveling straight,
Months in the rear and over a rainbow is your interest rate,
Satan’s planting thoughts that God no longer loves but hates,
The only reason any of us are here is because of His grace.

This isn’t an isolated incident your case is not unique,
The blessed promises of the bible, so many of us seek,
There is no hanging out with those, whose faith is weak,
A gas explosion will level any house, from the smallest leak.

If you are listening to anybody who claims it can’t be done,
Then you’re taking their advice over that of the Begotten Son,
Ask anything in my Name, Say to this mountain & Isaiah 53: 5,
In essence, they are telling the truth while the scripture is a lie.

You can bake cookies and help old ladies cross the street,
Have the monthly block club gathering at your house to meet,
Do everything kind & nice to keep from being behind ball # 8,
It will never please the Lord unless your conviction has faith.

To think there are those accepting defeat is down right scary,
Here’s the reason some have lives that are dull and ordinary,
John 10: 10, “abundantly” means over flowing, not mundane,
It’s surely enough to drive the average Joe completely insane.

How many Christians are needlessly falling victim to the slaughter?
Because it’s safer to be sitting in the boat than walking on water,
Philippians 4: 19, “supplying all your needs from His riches in glory, ”
Wherever you are right now is a beginning, not an end to the story,

Life isn’t always peaches & cream, often it will not seem fair,
Like knowing the middle of a storm, nobody wants to be there,
Conviction doesn’t slow down with testimony; it means a lot more,
Going to a new level of understanding we have never been before.

Sadly, some will ultimately have to be in this faith fight alone,
Unable to find positive assistance even while at their own home,
Never let anyone or a lack of family support downgrade your talk,
1st John 4: 4, “Greater is he in me, ” in every direction you walk.

Now you are able to guide others leading by your example,
You’ve had a taste of the entire gauntlet not just a sample,
This is not something everyone could be expected to do,
Without being tested in the storm, then making it through.

Right now! Give thanks, praise, honor and glory to the Lord,
Not when renewed strength like, the eagle you have soared,
Blessed be thy holy name in all the world my merciful Father,
Sincere eternal gratitude because You didn’t have to bother.

Why would a woman listen to a man telling her how it feels,
To give birth or a lecture while pregnant on full course meals?
This is the way, in which the enemy will attempt to deceive,
How can someone minus the experience explain what you need?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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