1 Corinthians 13: 11 When I Was A Child Poem by Luke Easter

1 Corinthians 13: 11 When I Was A Child

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Walked into a sanctuary office, the place had a layer of dust,
Do you think Jesus smiles at this or looks on with disgust?
A spot left unclean will soon become a permanent stain,
Doubt the word of God to long and unbelief will remain.

If you entered a restaurant or deli where filthy and dirty is the floor,
Would you place an order to stay & eat or head right out the door?
A tabernacle, temple, hall, any place of worship, AKA a church,
How can any be called, “House Of God” when it's filled with dirt?

Not everyone can sport the latest runway fashion or $1,000 suit,
Diamonds, rubies, most popular pumps, high top leather boots,
Yet when able, not to show up clean because of laziness or neglect,
It’s one thing to not care about yourself but at least show God respect.

The Lord is guiding you through a stage of spiritual development,
Why attempt an unproven shortcut trying to circumvent?
Even though it might temporarily help carry your load,
Will it stand the pressure of a long, dark & winding road?

Color coordinate an outfit, iron a blouse, straighten your tie,
Comb the hair; trim a mustache, not much make-up around the eyes,
It’s imperative to visitors that you set the table as a delectable sample,
You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, be a good example.

I use to eat lunch with a person who did nothing but complain,
“How is it your order is bigger than mine, we ordered the same thing, ”
Being friends with the server, on dessert an extra scoop of ice cream,
“I have 2 he has 3, where’s mine, I want another, ” he began to scream.

A spiritual child has nothing to do with being saved or your age,
It’s based on how you present yourself performing at center stage,
Don’t just drink coffee or juice in the morning, pour a glass of sure,
You can be in your fifties and still a child when behaving immature.

As Christians we are sometimes the only Jesus that others will see,
Remember the first person who was a light for you? I do for me.
1st Corinthians 6: 19, a temple of the Holy Ghost, ye are not your own,
6: 20, glorify God in body and spirit, not constantly moan & groan.

Paul is not referring to us as children based solely on our age,
Neither does it have to do with the amount of time you’ve been saved,
More than any thing else this passage deals with being immature,
Through all trials and tribulations by faith our spirit remains pure.

The anointing flows down from heaven it is not passed man to man,
Can you count stars in the solar system or number grain in the sands?
Is your passion for the word of God running hot or just plain mild?
If it’s the latter, exactly how long do you plan on remaining a child?

If your instruction and/or connection is not spiritually grown,
You’ll have to cut the cord, leave that dubious situation alone,
It defeats the purpose of faith, creating insight with bible maturity,
There’s no room for expansion when surrounded by uncertainty.

Twice in my life I found myself having to be saved from sin,
The second time deliverance was from unbelieving next of kin,
Christianity is not the latest craze that is or is not all the rage,
Those are the kind of children who will never come of age.

Proverbs 22: 6, “train up a child in the way he should go, ”
Your offspring will not depart from it as older they grow,
So, when is the only time to be disobedient, unruly and wild?
1st Corinthians 13: 11, scripture states, “when I was a child.”

Yash Shinde 23 October 2012

another great work from you sir lovely thought....may god bless you

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Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'The Lord is guiding you through a stage of spiritual development' Rachel Ann Butler

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 23 October 2009

your poems share good news sir. They are all good!

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Marieta Maglas 24 September 2009

Another wonderful poem...thank you for sharing...........10

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