A Cure For My Paranoia

'What did you say? You've got a nerve!
You're asking for trouble, it's what you deserve!
Everyone thinks you're some kind of perve.
You'd better be careful or you'll get some stick,
My girlfriend says you're a stupid pr*ck!
F*ck off! Get lost! Don't hang around here,
You fat old loser, you filthy queer! '

That's the sort of welcome I get in this town,
It's mindless and stupid and it's getting me down,
Sometimes I feel I should throw in the towel,
They treat me like sh*t, their language is foul,
I could drink some whisky and swallow some drugs
And then I'd be free of this collection of mugs!
An overdose is a coward's way out,
What can I do? I'm tormented by doubt,
Please take me in and try to understand
All that I want is some help from a friend.
How could it be possible you don't have a clue
That my raison d'etre is my love for you,
I live for your voice, I'm bewitched by your smile
And when I'm with you I feel safe for a while -
I'm sure I can make it if you'll be my friend,
All sorrow and misery will come to an end,
You make me feel it'll be alright,
I won't have to struggle, I won't have to fight,
I won't fear the worst, I won't carry a knife,
You've changed me forever - yes, you've saved my life! !