John Thorkild Ellison

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John Thorkild Ellison Poems

1. Mourning Sickness 8/19/2005
2. The Foreboding 8/21/2005
3. The Terror Through The Wall 8/20/2005
4. I'D Like A Bit 4/2/2006
5. Hosanna 8/25/2005
6. R.I.P. 8/27/2005
7. Jeopardy 8/20/2005
8. Loneliness 9/3/2005
9. Lovers 9/24/2005
10. Goodbye To A Nun 9/30/2005
11. Hilary 10/8/2005
12. The Goddess 11/16/2005
13. On Chittoe Heath 11/16/2005
14. Advice To A Pale Lover 12/5/2006
15. Vodka Haiku 12/30/2006
16. Winter Night 1/5/2007
17. Laziness 8/4/2007
18. Lines To A Sick Friend 8/25/2007
19. Limerick For Christ 8/27/2007
20. Lachrymae Christi 10/2/2007
21. Lust Haiku 10/7/2007
22. Smoker's Haiku 10/8/2007
23. Judas 10/15/2007
24. Nausea (La Nausee) 10/16/2007
25. To Dr X. 5/23/2007
26. Girl In A Bar 7/21/2007
27. Changing-Room Blues 10/31/2007
28. Rejection 11/8/2007
29. War Haiku 11/17/2007
30. Bollock Naked 12/1/2007
31. Motorhead Haiku (For Lemmy) 12/26/2007
32. Barmaid 12/31/2007
33. Marcus The Ganja Man 1/1/2008
34. Motorhead Haiku No.2 1/8/2008
35. Poets 2/10/2008
36. Spring 2/10/2008
37. Graveyard Kiss 2/12/2008
38. Politician 2/13/2008
39. Freedom Of Speech 2/13/2008
40. Winter Moon Haiku 2/23/2008

Comments about John Thorkild Ellison

  • Killian Brooks Killian Brooks (12/28/2013 9:44:00 PM)

    Your poetry is beautiful, all the ones I've read so far, seem to have the balance of darkness and innocence is so hard to write. I really like the sort of emotions they stir up in my chest.

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  • Keith Oldrey (5/8/2012 3:12:00 PM)

    Thank you for Sex in the Car at last poetry with a purpose

  • Natalia Sozh (4/30/2012 12:41:00 AM)

    I really enjoyed your poem: the sense and the language as well. There's music and good humour in it. I even feel like translating it in Russian. Thanks a lot!

  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (10/4/2011 3:10:00 AM)

    Respected Sir,
    If you may kindly spare your valuable time, please read my poem and comment because your comments will boost my energy. most of the poems are in english some are in other language. if you do not understand other language please intimate me, I would like to brief them in English. With kind regards - Ramesh Rai,

  • Joshua Livengood (7/19/2010 10:00:00 AM)

    John i must admit, your poem Dying earth was unique. its the first poem on here that ive written down and re customized to my liking. you chose just the subject for a poem, and in mine as the same, which i call running silver sphere (earth) , i basicly took your ideas and turned them around in my viewpoint, though maybe a line or three i kept unchanged. but all aside, well done.

Best Poem of John Thorkild Ellison

Poetry Can Damage Your Health

The day my doctor died of smoking
I bought myself a fat cigar -
I realised he must be joking,
His funeral was so bizarre:

A dwarf in multi-coloured clothing
Sang louder than the parish choir
And though my heart was full of loathing
I leapt upon the funeral pyre.

I'd often longed for such a roasting
And knew it was my friend's desire,
I shouted out 'We'll all be toasting
In Hell's incandescent fire! '

Don't be discouraged by this story,
Smoking cigarettes is fine,
Inhale them on your days of glory
And drink your fill of rich, red ...

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Mourning Sickness

Your endless aching prayers
In the middle of the night
To the unseen God
Bring no peace to your heart
And no respite
To a spirit sickened with grief;
The day comes round the same,
The streets, the shops, the glaring light,
People in the day-centre, mouthing empty words,

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