A Curse? Prove Me Wrong. Poem by Vanessa Hernandez

A Curse? Prove Me Wrong.

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I have something that most would think I don't.
A curse?
A disease?
A blessing?
Something contagiuos?
Na, what I have is not contagious.
Don't be afraid of me you grew up with me, I'm not a monster.
This is not contagious at all, don't freak I'm normal.
What I have is both a curse but also a blessing.
As i grew up, I learned on my own this can't ever go away and I must deal with it in my life the best way I can.
I look normal don't I? Just like your everyday teen.
I have but MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Something I'm not proud of.. something I wish was rid of years ago.
Oh how i wish it was gone, but it isn't..it never will be gone.
Everyday it is a struggle for me to make it through the day, with aches in my body not because I'm sore but because i get muscle failure.. I'm not here to complain but to show you that I don't give up and neither should you. Even if you have something worse then me so you can show everyone else your not gonna give up no matter what happens.
I practice everyday to get me stronger and so it can help me with my MS and right now I want to head straight to district in Track and I need my body good for it and I wanna be ready for it and don't gie up even if i don't make it there because everything counts. And I wanna make a difference because I'm someone living with this and I want to show you, your capable of everything set your bar high and when you reach it make it higher so you can go farther then before.
I make it through each passing day because i grow with each day stronger and if I can make it through then whoever is reading this, you have no excuse because I've succeeded at things most normal teenagers failed to do...you have no excuse to fail..
If I can do it, whose cursed forever eternity with this curse can do it so be it I will succeed.
Thats the difference between you and I, I make things happen, while you just watch.
Prove me wrong.

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