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My Brother is so annoying
My Brother is so sad
My Brother drives me crazy
it makes me wanna go mad.

A lonely tear falls down
A smile turns into a frown
Trickles down the cheek
doesn't it make you weak

When I saw you,
I knew I liked you.
When I met you,
I knew I loved you.

There you were looking sad.
Many people wanted to make you glad.
I decided to take a chance and try to make you laugh.

When you love someone so deep inside,
It seems like it's so easy to hide.
You've loved him for so very long,
You would think he could do no wrong.

coming out of the shadows
of the past and reaching
to the light that is now
shining in its glory

dancing around in this wet abyss
with puddles around my feet
as the rain falls from the clouds above
i am in a world as beautiful as life;

One day when you feel alone,
Remeber I'm at the end of the phone.
I love you loads.
and that must show.


Lost and broken.
Hopeless and lonely.
Smiling on the outside,
But hurt beneth my skin.

I've been heartbroken,
I've been hurt,
I've been lied to,
I've been in pain.


Should you always say what you feel
Think, is this the person your going to tell going to heal.

Is what your saying everyone should know

lost in someone else’s dream
frolicking amidst madness
dangling by a dream and making
no sense of this commotion;

Everyone tells you,
they're the best years of your life.
The thing they don't tell you,
is they are all full of strife.

hands clasped, eyes closed,
heads bowed in respect
everyone stood there
chanting a prayer within;

You say move on,
I say you already did.

You say get over it,

flying inside the realms of my mind
i got lost in the neverland,
living life
with carefree joy;

I've been told
'Love is great, love is awesome love is this love is that'
I used to want to have all that.
But now that I've been hurt so many times

I hate you so bad,
get out of my face.
Don't even look at me,
don't get in my case.

Journey of my mind still pending…
The heart is wound yet not healed up.
My aches were not filled with care
A tear touches another tear..

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I've always been alone in this world. Many people would see me as a person who is not. But the truth is I am. Poetry is a thing I've been looking up too since the age of 6. I am now 14. I've been writing poetry for about 8 years or so. My life is mostly chaotic all the time. so I always turn my problems into poetry and it always makes me feel alot better.)

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My Brother.....

My Brother is so annoying
My Brother is so sad
My Brother drives me crazy
it makes me wanna go mad.

My Brother makes my father constantly yell
My Brother makes my mother cry
My Brother makes me wanna go die, sometimes...

My Brother is crazy
My Brother is nuts
Sometimes I want to grab him and choke him til' he goes nuts

Someday I won't have my brother
and I wish that day will never come

because surely without him
I will nor be the same

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Vanessa Hernandez Popularity

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