A Dacian's Prayer Poem by Peter Mamara

A Dacian's Prayer

by M.Eminescu(1850-1889)

While there was no death, nothing eternal or set,
The essence of light —the life source — wasn't there yet.
There wasn't a today or a tomorrow, no yesterday or always.
Because one was all, and all was one, without days.
While the stars, the skies, the Universe, and the world,
All were from a range of those things that never existed…
At that time only You were. So I ask myself with doubts:
Who is the God to Whom we prostrate our hearts?

Earlier than the other gods, He the only God existed in the dark
And out of the sheer size of waters, He gave might to the spark.
He gives breath to the gods and joy to the world.
He is the world's source of salvation. His heart is of gold.
Up with your hearts, bring Him praise!
He is the death of death and the resurrection of life. He is wise.

And He has given me eye to see the daylight,
And with the grace of kindness He had filled my heart.
I heard His hike in the rumble of a blizzard.
And in a voice carried by song, His sweet verse I discerned.
And on top of all these, I beg You of one more thing.
Let me go to the eternal rest, oh Heavenly King.

Damn the one who shall have mercy on me.
Bless the one who my person shall bully.
Listen to any mouth that might like to laugh at me.
Put strength in the hand that wants to slay my body.
And the one, who of my tombstone would rob me,
Number one among all the people, he should be.

Driven out by all the people, I'll pass through my years
Until I feel that my eyes have dried of tears.
Since, anyone in this world turns against me.
And I reach a point when I don't know who I am.
As the torment and pain, have turned my mood into stone.
Since I can curse my mother, whom I loved, although she's gone.
When any cruel hate would appear to me as love…
I might forget my pain, and I could depart this life.

If, I shall die unheard of, and outlawed, without a candle lit,
Then, they shall throw my worthless body out in the street.
And to that one, Heavenly Father, give him a precious crown,
To the one that shall set the dogs, and my heart will tear down.
And the one that shall hit me with stones in my face,
My Lord, have mercy and give him everlasting life from Your Grace.

Heavenly Father, only in this way I can thank You very much.
That to live in this world You've given me the chance as such.
I don't kneel, or bow my head, to ask for Your support.
I shall like to win You over, towards curse and hate.
So I could feel that through Your breath, my breath shall cease.
And in an eternal exit, I shall leave without a trace.

(1879, September 1st)
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Thursday, September 8, 2016
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