Like The Merchants Of Constantinople… Poem by Peter Mamara

Like The Merchants Of Constantinople…

by M. Eminescu(1850-1889)

Similar to how Constantinople's merchants everyday
At the market, put various merchandise on display,
So they could attract the common people and the gentry,

I stack heaps of words with fine rhyme
So I can give them away for a bargain.
I inspire a world, and I catch its whim.

Dactyls are like cotton print. Trochees are like fabric.
And the daring peons are like diamond.
But today my dear readers, I sell to you iambi.

And the price won't seem high to you.
I don't ask you for money, but for your time and ear.
Light your pipe and arrange your recliner

By the fireplace, how the tradition is.
Read my book if you get some copies.
And the snowberry you hold in your hand,
Isn't it a pearl? Take a look at it.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016
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