A Day In Andaman Island Poem by Aloke Mukherjee

A Day In Andaman Island

Somewhere in the rain-forest, it was drizzling still,
I went in search of a girl lost years ago in a full moon
night, I did not know where, I couldn't recall her face..
Years ago in full-moon night, I lost part of my soul. She
used to live in my heart sharing my days and nights...

She used to live in my soul hanged in a closet by
the door which I forgot to retrieve when the agony
nibbled at my heart. You are the soul, you are the breath
blowing over the sea, ultra marine is the color hovering
over the island, a little shadow crouching over my being, for
moments stitched into a wreath of dewdrops on the green.

Down on the balcony, a lingering sun prolong the day by
an hour, I wear a charm to withstand the charm of her
lips, neck, the curves of the bodily contour, a dream-
cast by a lone palash blazing red with the flowers.
I tried hard and stay focused for ages as to why to be
or not to be, why I am made immortal for an hour?
Palash- This flower is called Palas in Bengali.
It starts blooming end of JANand arround mid March it is in full bloom.
Perhaps the most attractiveflower of the season.

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