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The Sorrow Fixed The Day.

The sorrow fixed the day,
we met beneath sal and Palash
In the winding lane to the hilltop.
I smiled like a king-hi babe, where is
the way to the top, top of the world!

I swam across the lake of her blue eyes-
I climbed the darkest path under the
age-old mossy boughs of pine,
And the grief fixed the day as the stars
peeked trough the slits of the clouds.

I heard as the hours struck- the waves
black with the sadness leaped to kiss the dream,
Death is a way of parting or parting of the ways.

we had a tryst on the distant hilltop to
find out the meaning of it all-why a painting still hangs.

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Aloke Mukherjee Popularity

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