Shannon Nicole

Rookie (03-30-91 / Oak Park, IL)

A Decision. [[finished]] - Poem by Shannon Nicole

With her shining black nails,
She fingered through her straight, black hair.
With her glossy lips,
Her teeth broke the skin.

Her mind races when he enters the darkened room,
Only her eyes are to settle on his simple smirk.
Her heart speeds when he leans over the desk,
Only to lean into the kiss.

A satisfied grin played across his lips,
All she did was sigh and roll her eyes.
A discussion was to be placed,
He sighed because he never liked to make decisions.

He slipped around the table,
Leaning his plams on the back of the chair.
He leaned close to her ear,
Whispered something sweet,
And slightly nibbled on her lobe.

She pushed him away,
Hating herself for it.
She wanted so much to pull him in close,
And lean into his embrace.

But there was a decision to be made,
A conversation that needs to be known.
A promise that she misunderstood,
And is now confronting him because of it.

She stands in the middle of this dimmed office,
Her hands clamped together, looking like she were lost.
She chewed at her bottom lip and closed her eyes,
Waiting for that long sigh to escape her glossy lips.

He wrapped his arms around her waist,
And lifted her chin, begging her to open her eyes.
Once she did, he kissed her deeply,
She lightly kissed him back, but then she pulled away.

I have to speak with you and you're not letting me. I need to understand something and you're not explaining it to me,
She frowned into her hands.

Tell me what you wish to hear, my darling. I promise, I promise to inform you on the truth it hides,
He grabbed her hands and smiled.

Tell me why you looked away when you told me of love. Tell me why did you speak so different when I asked you if you loved me. Tell me why you made me promise to always love you,
She almost cried.

I looked away because I thought you may have rejected my feelings for thee. I spoke differently because I don't know what your reaction would be if I said the truth. I wanted you to promise me. So that I could have told my heart to love you back. So that I could tell my family and friends that I have found the one,
He was blushing nearly to the end.

She smiled brightly, her hands over her mouth,
He had suprised her by kneeling on one knee.
He pulled out a small velvet, black box,
He took her hand asked her to be his loving wife.

She couldn't stop smiling,
She didn't care for a big shining ring.
She wanted to be in love with someone special to her,
And she had found him,
For he was knelt in front of her, asking for her hand in marriage.

Excitedly, she threw herself to him and into his arms,
She cried out a response that he knew he understood.
For then until forever,
A loving couple tells stories of this crazy proposal.

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