Nikita Kumawat

A Dialogue With Destiny - Poem by Nikita Kumawat

From alone and imbecilic corners behind my back,

a reverberating voice called my name on occasion

bold face of mine could lie it as a hearing mistake,

but found it very difficult to believe as hallucination

One fine day, while combing my hair in the mirror

the buzzing sound reappeared from somewhere

though the first action was to ignore it completely

but this time it took my mirror image in custody

when my reflection in front candidly said 'hello'

my hand froze over my head and eyes sunk bellow

she said she is my destiny, the voice, which I had ignored

I pinched myself many times and there she again roared

She said I cant even die without her permission

so better regain senses for a quick conversation

I obliged, thinking this might be some evil spirit

but the next gentle talks by her, led the terror recede

With less courage though, I arrogantly questioned her purpose of visit

why showing-up this manner, what is there from me you need?

you are notorious for making or breaking our life every sec, every hour

mortal beings already are your slave, have you just descended to ask even more?

he seemed already calm & prepared for all things of blame

still she smiled at me, so as to provide intangible solace

there came few amiable reply, despite my voice chastised

she stated its not always the destiny to get stigmatized

Human forget that their life don't just work in isolation

but its intermingled with every other earthy creation

its the action you all collaterally throw towards universe

thus it reaps you the result, weather wanting or reverse

I may be god, may be you inner soul or just a guiding light

has a purpose to make you understand the above lesson upright

I knew you would talk to me, If only i bore the name of destiny

coz thats the only last resort which everyone treats as enemy

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 7, 2012

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