A Different Poet, A Different Man Poem by Nicholas Spandrel

A Different Poet, A Different Man

a different poet
A different man
What had changed that of who I am
The pain, the sadness, the anger, hate
What had I done to change that fate
I'm different now than I was then
I have more friends, more than then
I'm different, not a boy as I was once
But a man I am now, what happen happened between then and now
I still like the same things, adore new things too
I even learned to like new food
I was once jester, oh was I a jester
Though deep within I let my pain fester
Now its all gone from that day, that age
But for some things, it remains the same
What am I now?
A boy?
A beast?
A man?
I am who I am and thats the fact
A poet who knows it
A joker who shows it
A seeker who searches
Ah, I see...I am all of those things
There are a part of what makes me into me.
Ghost hunter, a furry, a steampunk and more
If some don't like it, there is the door
Don't slam it I beg you, close it with ease
For I am who I am now and that is indeed.

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