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As darkness befalls them,
The men rejoice to the sound of prince bard’s horn,
His armies defeat the Saxon warlords as they ravage the lands,
As soon as the light comes the Saxons are as dead,

a place free from war,
the place i wish to be,
free from conflict and violence,
peaceful air,

Blood spilling down my shirt as darkness fills my heart,
My enemy begs for me to forgive his treachery,
I give no mercy but take the blood of foes,
I wish to drink their blood,

The darkness shrouding me with hate,
As soon as light comes it turns me evil,
As soon as night falls I turn good,
By light and dark unite I fall as undead,

Ah the darkness so soothing
The darkness gives us strength
No one can defeat us
For we use the night to our advantage

Double, double, toil and trouble.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Double, double, toil and trouble.
Something wicked this way comes!

A spirit wanders the lands
It looks for those who can see
Are there any who can see it
Are there any who hear it

Darkness surrounds all of Humankind
For we are the ones who walk the night
Our teeth grow long at the smell of blood
We are the all powerful vampire

The trees full of green leaves,
On this wondrous day,
As the sun shines,
Like the great diamond in the sky,

Through the air,
Through the trees,
My image soars like the eagle,
I light the sky like a courageous phoenix,

through the air,
through the stars,
on dragon wings I fly,
Soaring the sky,

A land free of war is where I must go,
free from toxic death and disease,
Life full of happiness and glee,
Everyone feeling the way of love in their hearts,

Ah the sounds of foxes in the distance,
they live among us here and there,
they love to play tricks and they love their friends,
but many are shy around some,

looking for a way out,
i slept right next to a snake,
i didnt see it coming,
i see it didn't wait,

the love it has found,
its heart jumps for joy,
soon to be married on this wonderful day,
found to be true,

we fight and gather treasure,
we stand and fight all day,
as we have seen our taste of battle,
as the night sky cheers us on,

graduation here i come,
as my life comes and goes,
college comes soon i am glad,
soon i will be free as the wind,


I was there when your parents were slain by You-Know-Who.
I was the one who had helped you escape before he could slay you.

the dragon's first Knight,
he jumps for Joy,
he never felt so happy,
he has tasted it first,

A wizard of faith,
The headmaster before,
he believed in Trouble passing,
the darkness has passed,

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Hello everyone, I am Nicholas Spandrel and when I originally started writing poetry, I was a Senior in high school somewhere in Arizona. I went through both good times and bad times as anyone would've possibly gone through. Initially during high school it was a place in my mind back then as a place of nightmares. Bullies, popular kids, gossipers and the like. Becoming a poet, helped me to vent through writing instead of auditory words during a time where my biggest desire above all else was to finally graduate and be out of that terrible place. Finally in May 2009 I graduated with a 2.8 average (unfortunately) and I started my transformation from immature high school graduate to being what I am today. I became someone that people can rely on and I would be there for those who needed me most as their friend and sometimes as a parental figure. I ended up being inspired to join the Furry community and also ended up a member of the Steampunk community as a form of discovering new friends and new hobbies. I'm glad to have finally become the man I am today and also discovered characters within myself including that of Nikdragon the dragonmunk (furry) and Gideon Starfrost (Steampunk) . Hope you enjoy my poems and everyone have an amazing time.)

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The Tale Of Bard Prince Of Men

As darkness befalls them,
The men rejoice to the sound of prince bard’s horn,
His armies defeat the Saxon warlords as they ravage the lands,
As soon as the light comes the Saxons are as dead,
While the mighty prince drinks his mead he dies of poison,
Which someone had hidden,
As soon as he dies the darkness befalls the land,
And all become sad.

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Aubrey silver 04 February 2009

hey c.b. how are you?

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