Nicholas Spandrel Poems

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The Tale Of Bard Prince Of Men

As darkness befalls them,
The men rejoice to the sound of prince bard’s horn,
His armies defeat the Saxon warlords as they ravage the lands,
As soon as the light comes the Saxons are as dead,


a place free from war,
the place i wish to be,
free from conflict and violence,
peaceful air,

Blood Spilled For Honor

Blood spilling down my shirt as darkness fills my heart,
My enemy begs for me to forgive his treachery,
I give no mercy but take the blood of foes,
I wish to drink their blood,

Darkness Within My Heart

The darkness shrouding me with hate,
As soon as light comes it turns me evil,
As soon as night falls I turn good,
By light and dark unite I fall as undead,


Ah the darkness so soothing
The darkness gives us strength
No one can defeat us
For we use the night to our advantage

Double, double, toil and trouble.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Double, double, toil and trouble.
Something wicked this way comes!

A Spirit's Curiousity

A spirit wanders the lands
It looks for those who can see
Are there any who can see it
Are there any who hear it

Order Of The Vampire

Darkness surrounds all of Humankind
For we are the ones who walk the night
Our teeth grow long at the smell of blood
We are the all powerful vampire

Happy Kitsune New Year! ! !

The trees full of green leaves,
On this wondrous day,
As the sun shines,
Like the great diamond in the sky,

The Air As Delightful As The Sea

Through the air,
Through the trees,
My image soars like the eagle,
I light the sky like a courageous phoenix,

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