A Dogged Life! Poem by Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India

A Dogged Life!

Rating: 5.0

A little dog has come to rest
In corner of the porch awhile;
With famished looks, it whines a bit,
And looks as if unfed for days!

This summer’s heat is excessive;
Water shortage exists for all;
The birds and beasts show sunken frames;
The air is pretty sultry, hot!

The night is rent with screams of dogs;
The new-comer was bit by rest;
The intruder is packed off fast,
With broken bones and bleeding skin!

The plight of street-dogs is so bad;
But what about a person lost?
I wonder how the world treats those
Who have no home or food or friends!

The plight of people in war-zones
Is pitiable and horrendous;
Why no one thinks of children hurt
Or dead, by bullets in conflicts?

So many die in wars across
The world that does not care for lives!
And many more are killed in wombs
Of human beings by habit!

Couldn’t people stop such senseless deaths?
Won’t sense afill human hearts, minds?
They brag of saving few rare lives,
And kill in myriads innocents!

And terrorists have come to spray
Their bullets upon common man;
Shame on the way this world goes on!
There is no place for those unborn!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 4-19-2009

Wahab Abdul 31 October 2013

really a lovely poem with good contain and words flows like gust of wind.. love it..10

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Catrina Heart 19 April 2009

You left me speechless with your piece, a very vivid message you have there...cruelty in all paces of life..... meaningful poem written with a humanitarian heart, touching and powerful opus....10

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Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India
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