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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 20 July 2008

'I am free' a poem that conveyed the sentiments fully and wholly. I enjoyed reading it

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Catrina Heart 24 January 2009

A copy of lil island gals comment: Firstly I’d like to appreciate a very big thank to CATRINA to be here with us. I have to say that you have done an excellent job. And looks absolutely stunning as a poet. I want to make available to those who might not otherwise be inclined to read her work, some passages that I think show her wit, style, and brilliance. Describing a poet's style as tough, or stuffy, or sweet doesn't make much sense to someone who hasn't contrasted several writing styles. It may sound like these terms are being made-up by editors, authors as they go along. Their sentences differ in length and complexity. Each individual tends to put the words together in particular patterns. Each writer's tone may be objective and distanced, or up-close and personal. Style involves all these choices and more. Style is the intangible essence of what makes a person's writing unique. And you are unique dear. Catrina’s writing style is elegant and satirical. florid and poetic, with a strong comic touch Much of your’ poems seems sentimental, her' style can be accurately described as descriptively symbolic with a flair for carrying themes throughout her poems. I have known Catrina for not a long time but her written work, especially her poem known as “BLUE EYES & A SWEET CRADLE ”, which I have found one of the most stunning works of poetry. CATRINA is one of PH most distinguished poets, a poet and a woman whose endless curiosity for the world around her and passion for her fellow human beings have both driven and inspired her to write poems.Her rigorous blend of instinct, insight and eloquence are the timeless quality of greatness., Not surprisingly, she has a gift for taking the common clay of everyday speech and molding it into artifacts, often revealing beauty, in a twist of phrase, an expression caught in the clear light of language. What Catrina teaches me in detail is to feel. She blows open the windows of my hearts to those other areas and aspect of life that I forget or neglect. What her poems keep alive are the sensitivities, the feelings that make me want to reach out and touch friends, lovers who must bear the burden of the times, when the thunder in the mind from great ideas and great events won't let me think for myself.. The writing takes a reader to the edge of human concerns by arresting images, fierce intelligence, and a poetic language that forecasts for me that CATRINA is not only a poet to watch but also a poet who will continually surprise and please. MAY GOD BLESS YOU BEST WISHES Regards Lil gal

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~ Jon London ~ 28 February 2009

Step inside a bloom of freshness that Catrina's soul brings to poetry. Wonderful displays of crafted lines of imagery that sit in the heart and sing. All the very best x

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Janell Cressman 29 March 2009

an AMAZING writer, with such a strong way of writing stuff that matters! ! ! ! ! ! she has an amazing gift that she freely shares with us every day! ! ! ! !

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Samidh Banerjee 04 April 2009

You have an amazing gift for writing romantic poetry. Thanks for making my day!

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Rafique Farooqi 31 January 2010

She is tender hearted creature from heavens. Her words are flickering bright stars, . Her vision is vast, and she believes in eternity.Her style is approaching and convincing.Her poems are soothing to heart and mind.Her soul wanders in depths of horizons.

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Metin Sahin 21 January 2010

catrina.ç..porincess of poetry.I wiş sh ı wrote lı ke you.Happy new year metin...sahin

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young writer Athira 23 November 2009

you are such a great poetess...thanks for that wonderful comment.......

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Vinod Ak 25 August 2009


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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2009

This is a poetess whose pearlescent verses has been touching successfully my inquisitive mind. I read her with much zeal. Her highly persuasive words engulfing true lover minds I think! Long live dear Catrina! Sincerely Sarwar chowdhury

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The Best Poem Of Catrina Heart

To Moon

The moon renounced to dawn and vanish its waning shine.
She conceded one fray to lose, to win another gasp of time.

Reflection seen on the streams of swirling pools,
There a shadow was hidden behind the twigs of wood keens.

Moon played the strings mellow yet deceiving
As jackals’ lingered for a big gorge at herald’s wave.

Pool within pool, snare within snare, a quick mud
Beyond the desire touch, Venus fly trap sneaks on ground.

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Catrina Heart Popularity

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