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The moon renounced to dawn and vanish its waning shine.
She conceded one fray to lose, to win another gasp of time.

Reflection seen on the streams of swirling pools,

Some fragments of her heart
That was shattered long ago
Swam to the winter burrow
With broken angelic wings

Time has always something to play for fate
Destiny’s hands shows the right chosen way
When to let go, when to cut loose in its rhyme
He has the final say to our paths in time

‘Have taken green, bizarre extra leap –
Which birth from the extreme edge of limits?

Sans ruminating – where and how to perch

On their deaths lies 46 dreadful tales
From their blood emerged boiling ire of revenge
Eyes on fire, multiple grinding teeth of tigers
Hearts ripped apart from their lost of kin

My thankfulness for the sacred text
you have engraved on my obelisk

The hieroglyphics carved means so much

Stars in the candle light, dined
Swallowed fires on solitary twilight sky
My eyes asked and dreamt
Under the smoke of star studded night

I walk on the fears of my shadow,
I face the mirage of my own reflection;
I hold in my bosom the May spring flower
And fallen December oaks -

In morn –
We crawl
We walk in four


Blanks and spaces......cavity of voidness enfold the wandering rays!

a time in our life
a time where rain falls

Memories linger
Beyond the marble gravestone
Soul flies with the breeze

Under the same roof of heavens
We are one, in the eyes of God

Under the same shadow of light

who is not a great fool?
who is not a tool on this world?
we are mere players of life's stage
we are the pieces on Zeus' board game

No more thorny rings on my finger,

like those of in my heart.

on a handful quietness of zephyr and sea
serenity uncovers the stretch of my blue season

within the depths of my passion – weeds grow

The good and the bad
An angel’s fight against the devil’s work
When and how, where to whom
No one knows behind the blinking doom

Love is free
Unselfish and forgiving
Love is gentle
Strange and great teaser

lost am I on a raging sea
drowning in a painful fury
of ruined dreams and collapsing me

Wings of friendship flutter high and wide
Sprinkling dust of hope, love and delight

Rainbows are bridges to orchestrate sundry pieces

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To Moon

The moon renounced to dawn and vanish its waning shine.
She conceded one fray to lose, to win another gasp of time.

Reflection seen on the streams of swirling pools,
There a shadow was hidden behind the twigs of wood keens.

Moon played the strings mellow yet deceiving
As jackals’ lingered for a big gorge at herald’s wave.

Pool within pool, snare within snare, a quick mud
Beyond the desire touch, Venus fly trap sneaks on ground.

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Meggie Gultiano 07 August 2009

being read by a Catrina Heart is an honor and a privilege.I was hesitant to communicate with her for the first time.I was wrong. She live by her name..HEART... Her writing style is refreshing.Endowed with the gift of wisdom, she shared her innermost feelings to us, .A very talented poet.I guess, when God gave the gift of writing, she was an hour earlier than me to wake up to receive this gift.(LOL, , joke, joke) thank you, Catrina, for this wonderful privilege of having you as one of my latest friend here in PH.. God bless you a hundredfold.. Love and hugs, Meggie

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Shashendra Amalshan 29 July 2009

Hello My dear Ma'am! ! ! ! You can be rated among the best poets in this site indeed.. It's been like three months since i came to this site. you are one of those writers when i read a one poem of yours that i want more of that.... And you experiment lot with your writing too, it s always good to experiment and see how the readers react to your creation.... Keep writing creative poems and don't be afraid to try something new...... a person Catrina Ma'am is very humble too.. I m glad I met so many great friends here more than anything best wishes with lots of love shan

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Ashraful Musaddeq 06 June 2009

A poet with outstanding intelligence, who— a. Always reach inside the event/moment with keen feelings and extract marvelous imageries/metaphors like a duck b. Knows how to explore the colors of feeling/imagination c. Used to write with non-typical complexities of mind/soul d. Is traveling towards destination with never-ending thrust

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you are a great poet! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Romantic poetry makes its sense in this sensitive author from an active and interesting land.

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Rafique Farooqi 31 January 2010

She is tender hearted creature from heavens. Her words are flickering bright stars, . Her vision is vast, and she believes in eternity.Her style is approaching and convincing.Her poems are soothing to heart and mind.Her soul wanders in depths of horizons.

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Metin Sahin 21 January 2010

catrina.ç..porincess of poetry.I wiş sh ı wrote lı ke you.Happy new year metin...sahin

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young writer Athira 23 November 2009

you are such a great poetess...thanks for that wonderful comment.......

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Vinod Ak 25 August 2009


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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2009

This is a poetess whose pearlescent verses has been touching successfully my inquisitive mind. I read her with much zeal. Her highly persuasive words engulfing true lover minds I think! Long live dear Catrina! Sincerely Sarwar chowdhury

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