A Down And Out On Meeting The Love Of His Life Poem by Francis Duggan

A Down And Out On Meeting The Love Of His Life

Rating: 3.5

We had good times when we were young we had now didn't we?
And we had no worries in those days and we lived life carefree
And I loved you then as I still do but you did not love me
And I hoped you'd stay with me for life but it wasn't meant to be.

And you looked lovely in those days with tresses of nut brown
And joyful smile and sloe blue eyes the prettiest girl in town
And other fellows envied me and I walked twelve foot tall
As my girl was a blooming flower the fairest rose of all.

You have aged a bit since then through brown hair show some gray
Yet your face is still quite pretty as it was in by gone day
I recognized you at first glance as you walked up the street
And you still look so beautiful and yet so nice to meet.

I often think of our courting days oh how could I forget
Your hot lips pressing against mine and the perfume of your breath,
Your firm breasts pressing against me, my pulses racing free
Just thinking of those happy times a pleasant memory.

Is that your daughter with you there that lovely young woman?
She's got your face, she's got your smile and she looks quite like you Ann
And I bet she has admirers too as you had years ago
And I bet she'll leave one young man too as you left me in woe.

And how's your husband getting on I hear he's a big success
And he give you what I could not security and happiness,
Suppose you've heard that I've been drinking hard I've hit an all time low
I've dredged the dregs and drink moonshine how lower can one go? .

I see your daughter calling you it's time you were away
Goodbye my love my one true love we'll meet again some day
And I go back to draughty shed where all town alkies sleep
And drink the awful dregs with them where damp and cracked walls weep.

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