Paul Reason

A Flame In The Rain - Poem by Paul Reason

A flame in the rain

A flame in the rain
It doesn't last long
It is soaked by the rain
And combustion stalls

Is your life like a flame in the rain
Shining for God but under fire
Are you living your life as a few among many
Is your flame rained upon by the world's condescension

Does that unyielding prosecutor get the better of you
Does his oily insults slip through your armor
Does his sin make you do the same
Does he cuss you out and you reply in kind

Has your flame grown dim
Have you forgot that you live life for him
God sent his son to die for you
Should you do less for him

That flame in the rain has it gone out
Has the last bit of heat in that flame given out
Is the rain smiling thinking it has won
But if your flame is out, are you really done

The darkness falls in the absence of light
People have forgotten the truth about what is right
But in this night there is still hope
Stumbling in darkness and we grope

Suddenly the sky is light
Everyone stops and stares at the light
That comes for a moment
From the lightning of God

Lighting your flame in the midst of the rain
Here you are you are born again
You feel the warmth of the savior around you
And the wet way you were keeps you grounded

The flame is reborn and stronger than ever
The oil dumped upon it gives it fuel
The Lord has rekindled the flame
And now the flame will burn with one aim

Serve the Lord with all its fervor
Never let the rain of the world unnerve you
You have a set amount of time to shine
Don't waste it smoldering in the rain

Topic(s) of this poem: god, life, perseverance, service, trials, work

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 24, 2016

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