A Friend Is A Friend Is Always A Friend. - Poem by RIC BASTASA

in facebook i did not
let him know that i keep
on reading about his posts
concerning the doom of this
world. First it was
September, that was last year.
Then it would be
november, there will be
a major quake, a continent
will go down to the depths
of the sea, the landscape of
the earth would change.
It did not happen somehow
so he had christmas with
friends and families,
at any rate, perhaps he
never really liked how life
is going, for by then
on january he posted that
a meteor will strike the
earth and crumble it to
small pieces.
It seems that he will
never stop imagining
the end of this world.

he was once a religious
guy, practicing catholic,
one a manager of a bank,

i do not wish to judge him.
or perhaps recommend that
he should see his shrink
or get help from his close

i am alone here sitting
on the sands of the shore
on a moonlit night with
all the stars in heaven.

it is so beautiful and i
wonder how can one ever
think of all the bad things
coming, or a dismal ending.

i am into a happy world.
and i do not really think
that it will end, or if it
will, i guess, it should
be a happy ending.

at least i am seeing stars.
tonight, and i still wonder
if i would tell him this.

a friend is a friend is a friend.
if he chose horror, i would not
mind it. It is his choice which
matters. I just let him be.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 11, 2017

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