J.J B. Torment

A Girls’ Cry For Love - Poem by J.J B. Torment

Pierced! ! Pierced again! ! Her blood trickles from its place.
Hurt, pain, and misery, you can see it on her precious face.
The pain is only too normal for her. She doesn’t anymore even feel it.
She pretends it doesn’t hurt and goes out with her friends and gets lit.
Drinking has become everything, and sex with guys is her norm.
But, when the darkness falls and the moon rises, she wishes she was never born.
She questions the ‘higher power’ why this is happening to her.
But no reply or answer comes back, to believe in ‘him’ she thinks is absurd.
After all, she wakes up everyday, wondering what she can do again,
to get her out of this place of ‘Hell” and maybe to find a true friend.
No one can love her, she thinks in her head, to her, the words are more real then the earth.
The only time that she ever felt loved, she believes, was at her own birth.
That day her parents loved her dearly, and they cherished her in every second.
But, now that she is an adult, a man she wishes for her would beckon.
A man to hold her tight, to make her feel sooooo safe and soooo secure.
A man that will kiss her lips, hold her hand, and tell her there is nothing more to fear.
That’s only in fairytales and make believe, she says to herself in her whispers.
All of them she finds and meets just want sex, the proof, on her knees, are the blisters.
So back to her bedroom all alone, after that nights’ guy leaves.
The dagger she grabs once again, after she rolls up her sleeves.
Deeper is the cut this time then was before, deeper it is from the start,
to match the hurt, the pain, and devastation inside, the thing she calls her heart.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 14, 2011

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