A Good Dream Poem by Tshenolo Ntau

A Good Dream

Don't wake me up
I am lost in wonder
But it's a rich wonder land with no limitations
The eerie of its silence is frightening but;
The inner peace is overwhelming
My imaginations are stretched too far,
My hands have accomplished so much?
The results of the effort and prayers are evident
Doubt and self-pity have been consumed
Oh! what a blessing
Shh! Shh! don't wake me up yet

Don't wake me up
For it's such a beautiful sensation
The beauty is magnificent
Allow me to soak my realities on it and get them diluted
For a change the oasis of joy is overflowing
It majestically overshadows the desert around it
Shh! Shh! don't wake me up yet

Don't wake me up
For I have never seen this boundary wall broken
I have never seen the cage open
To let forth this beautiful bird fly skillfully away
Daunting the sky with its beautiful colored feathers
Singing sweet melodies a lullaby to me
So please don't wake me up
Far in the horizon it's a plain of rich fully watered gardens
Its richness is contagious to enrich an impoverished inner man
The fruits, a healing to the soul are in abundance
Allow me to sleep just a little while
Long enough to carefully pick the most succulent
Least I hastily pick the bad
For we shall enjoy the fruits together
So please don't wake me up yet

To you Lord,
You said I should call unto thee,
And you will answer me,
Show me great things, marvelous things,
I have not know,
I can see them now
A beautiful dream is not meant to be cut short
Its end ushers one to awakening
A good dreamer gets inspired by a good dream
A good dreamer lives the good dream to its manifestation
The revelations come to life
The imaginations cannot be challenged nor contained
Awake and live your dream

Monday, September 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,hope,life
The Muse 03 September 2018

Excellent imagery Tshenolo

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Tshenolo Ntau 04 September 2018

Thanks a lot

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