A Cry To Fathers May You Be My Lighthouse Poem by Tshenolo Ntau

A Cry To Fathers May You Be My Lighthouse

A cry from a son
May you be my lighthouse?
Far beyond the horizon the clouds seem to meet with the waters
I fail to imagine beyond the silver lining in the horizon
My shoulders not yet broad enough to carry the weight of the shipment
My sisters seeing your image in me
My mother equally poking on my confidence levels with higher expectations of little version of Daddy
May you be my lighthouse and guide me along for I am your heritage from the Lord

A cry from a daughter
May you be my lighthouse?
Teach me obedience so I may never lack submission
Be true so I may never be deceived
As your children teach us the ways of God, so when we grow up we shall never depart from

A cry from a sister
May you be my lighthouse?
The ship feels void yet cluttered with life obstacles I stumble and look for a strong hand to hold me
The winds of the ocean blow right across my face always and at times shatter my dreams
The weird characters of the sea leave me in disbelief as I imagine how the world would have been if they were your replica, maybe influenced by familiarity
The sibling rivalry talked of as natural is melted by sincere concern and love at all times of need
You might not be here in physical but your prayers are forever present
May you continue being my lighthouse especially when I am still in my mother's house

A cry from a wife
May you be my lighthouse?
As a lonely sailor floated abruptly harshly back and forth by the strong waves of the sea you met me
Yes, I delighted in the Lord but maybe on my own I was able but now not when I have little blessings around me to guide

May you be my lighthouse?
Guide me to the harbor of the entrance to God's loving arms
The navigational hazards do not match my strength nor my faith alone for two are better than one
The hurricane sweep under my feet as I stretch out to at least reach your hand when the turbulent voyage of motherhood present itself
I then look for tranquility and peace at the lighthouse
May your rays radiant faith, hope and love with overwhelming power
May no soul be lost in the house as long as you are present as the father of the house
May you be our lighthouses fathers!

Dedicated to all the Fathers
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Tshenolo Ntau

Tshenolo Ntau

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