A Good Night Kiss

A Good Night Kiss by Kenny Davis

Oh! How I wish I could
Give her, but one good night kiss
Affection shown from my heart to hers
As she drifts off into a slumbering bliss

I could see laying, but a gentle kiss
Upon her soft, angelic cheek
And whisper to her, “Good night love…..”
“….I’ll await you in my dreams.”

A kiss from lips as soft
As the pillow where lies her head
Such relaxation for her that she had never felt before
That she lays her head on my chest and in my arms instead

Her ear pressed along my chest
To get the mere chance to listen to my heartbeat
Like a lullaby, music to her ears
As she drifts slowly off to sleep

As I cherish the privilege
Of watching her sleep
I think to myself, “God….”
“….I don’t deserve this blessing of having this angel of yours next to me.”

“Lord, I couldn’t thank you enough.”
“There really are no words.”
“I can’t help, but to always wonder….”
“….am I really worthy of her? ”

Through all of her frights and fears
Her smiles and her tears
That when awakens from them all,
She knows that I am there

As she opens those eyes
To the blessing of another sunrise
I can’t help, but look at this stunningly, beautiful woman and say,
“Blessed is the man that wakes up by her side.”

With bright light of her eyes
Glaring from that very somber sunrise
Is the most majestic image of God’s creation
Enough to make a man cry

Cry out tears of joy, happiness
Cries of Thanks unto the Lord
For the blessing of this angel, here on earth
The best blessing, I never deserved

You would never have thought
The intimacy from a good night kiss meant so much
What it means to have our lips draw us closer
By just allowing them one last touch

Such love from a single kiss
By God, might it be made to last
Oh, but to lay, but one single kiss upon her cheek
Even if it is to be, but my last.

© October 2011 k.davis