Kenneth Davis Poems

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A Rose Is, But A Rose

A Rose Is, But A Rose by Kenny Davis

A rose is, but a rose
Its illustrious petals has me drawn to her

Make Her Cry

Make Her Cry by Kenny Davis

I don’t want to make HER cry of frustration
Giving HER a feeling of constant irritation


Stargazing by Kenny Davis

As I look up at the many stars
Of the clear midnight sky

Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine, After the Rain by Kenny Davis

I am in need of my Sunshine
If only, but a mere ray or two

More Than A Mother

More Than a Mother by Kenny Davis
You’re more than a mother to me
You’re a better part of my heart
Through all the tears, I look to you

Love In Admiration

Love in Admiration by Kenny Davis

When I love HER in admiration
I find myself feeling an overwhelming sensation

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord by Kenny Davis

I thank you for my strength
I thank you for my breath

How I Picture Heaven

How I Picture Heaven by Kenny Davis

How do I picture Heaven?
The great kingdom among clouds

My Love For Her

My Love for HER by Kenny Davis

My love for HER
Runs deeper than the many depths of the ocean

To Be A Child Again

To Be a Child Again by Kenny Davis

I see the children of today
Their smiles take me away