Stargazing Poem by Kenneth Davis


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Stargazing by Kenny Davis

As I look up at the many stars
Of the clear midnight sky
Admiring the many works
Of God that caught my eye

As I began to count and make out
All of the endless constellations
A tingling urge to compare to the beauty of you
One of God’s most precious creations

Twinkle, twinkle brightly
My angel, my star
What an luminous light you have
Drawing others towards you from afar

Now those stars? Look there!
They remind me of your eyes.
Glistening and gleaming
Like pure cut diamonds in the skies

When I am fortunate enough
To witness that of a falling star
It reminds me of the many tears I have shed
Wishing I could be wherever you are

When I am blessed to see a shooting star
Though only once in a lifetime
It reminds me of just how rare and special you are
How hard a gem like you is to find

As I gaze upon
The majestic allure of space
The overwhelming imagery pales to that
Of the beauty of your sweet, angelic face

After spending a wondrous night
In the midst of stargazing
All it did was see how glorious you are
So unbelievable, So amazing
© December 2011 k.davis

Dave Walker 31 December 2011

A really great poem, a really nice write. Enjoyed reading it. Fantastic.

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