Liberatore Suffoletta

Rookie - 8 Points (July 2,1948 / Pettorano Sul Gizio, L'Aquila, Abruzzi, Italy)

A Howl Of Departure - Poem by Liberatore Suffoletta

Night’s dark eyes contemplate a memory,
impregnating the ocean with endless tears

Loneliness stalks wheat fields, at dawn,
The time of departure calls,
Oh loneliness!

Cold sleepy seagulls rain upon a heart
a chiaroscuro beach to shipwreck upon

All troubles, all joys are from
the arias giving wings to songbirds

The ocean swallows all rivers, like you
Refusing no sea,
shipwrecked on you

It is the hour
desire wants kisses
mind is sleeping,
amazement weeps,
lighthouses shipwreck
unfolding love

All winds fill an ancient lost ship’s sails
for harbors in love’s turbulent whirlpool
Only to shipwreck

Soul, whose bleeding and fluttering wings
give birth to lost discoveries in the fog,

Agony dines, desire grabbles,
joy beams, sadness somersaults,
All shipwreck on you

Heartache returns to a fortress
of shadows, quickly forgetting
all desires

Oh woman who gives wings,
to singing birds,
love found and lost you in this fog,
in this whirlpool
like a vessel dropping anchor in infinity
where forgetful eternity shatters all moorings

To an island of bleak, bleak loneliness,
there, woman, your arms of love, call

Thirst and hunger desire your fruits
Sorrow and despair want your miracle

Ecstasy sails on the cross of your open arms
to the shore of your soul, woman,

Desire sailed toward your kisses
where anxiety drowned intoxicated,
tension swam away,
only to shipwreck

Lips remember somersaulting on fire
mooring on your sea, where
fleets of kisses shipwreck

Mad passionate love
where hopes meet and
will disappears
in gentle tenderness
of warm droplets.
summer rain
and the word
remains open
on our lips
Falling in love

Cold sleepy seagull rain
Tossing about emotion
waves to sail upon
whose white beaks call
like the statue on a prow
remains in songs
riding warm currents
cold sleepy seagull
diving into an open
bitter whirlpool
like a pale, rudderless
ancient ship
discoverer of lost lands
emptied of adventure
A shipwreck

It is time to sail, the set cold hour
ravenous night awaits this moment

The open mouth of the ocean
dines on all coasts
cold shimmering stars appear
Blackbirds fly away

Loneliness, stalks in a wheat field,
with hands full of trembling emptiness.

It is departure time.
Oh, Loneliness
such darkness
filled by your bright

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