Dan Lundahl

A Knight - Poem by Dan Lundahl

I grew up 'normal', like other kids,
I never overstepped boundaries or other grids,
Just like a normal kid would have done,
I guess in the end, I didn't grow up as one.

Had a friend or two, frivolous stuff,
Perhaps a bit too frivolous, mentally rough,
I wanted to do stuff, of which others did not,
Always at night, laying in same position, same spot.

I studied the light, as the sun came to my focus,
Learning wherever I could, examining at any locus,
Whether destined or not, I couldn't tell,
At night my mind curiously dreamt, bound by lights spell.

As I grew, so did my body and mind,
Receiving a surprise, bum and breasts combined,
This, wouldn't become an obstacle at all,
Not even men, eyeing me like some kind of doll.

My parents divorced, and I was lost inbetween,
I slipped into an alley of memories, unseen,
I felt it was time to move on, live alone,
From then, I set off, to find a new home.

It took not long, before I arrived at Wintergarde Keep,
At first, I was given a broom, and ordered to sweep,
Later on, given a few teachings on sparring and fighting,
Before I had realized, I was undead smiting.

Sent to the quarrels of the Humans and Undead,
There I found nothing but torture, pain and dread,
Defending the city of Stratholme, of where I was born,
Standing tall, in my once, homecity, silver armor worn.

I had lost my mother, and my future sister in crude battle,
My screaming cries, yield no sound, yet low rattle,
Arms around my mother, my hands feeling blood,
A fatal wound, by bows and guns, in the stomach, shot.

I were not to submit defeat, and lower my sword,
Fought like a hero, around the battle stage, soared,
Once the city was safe and sound, it was all ash,
Everything of what once were important, was then, trash.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 18, 2013

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