Dan Lundahl

Love - Poem by Dan Lundahl

I'm hearing your words over and over again,
Striking me swiftly, before returning to your den,
You say I'm the only one who's mistaken here,
Trying to imprison me, within your flawless prison sphere.

You stand forward so angrily, and you say,
'You crossed the edge! I hate you! It's not okay! '
I see tears falling from your eyes, and I say,
'Like a cigaret, trashed in the filthy ashtray.'

We ended up in the living room, it's empty and the temperature is cold,
You're bashing me with pillows, giving me a rough and unnessecary scold,
I can hardly understand what you're screaming, it's all freezing in,
You're driving me insane, and I feel I have to resolve to an unforgivable sin,

As the sound of my flat hand palm reaches your cheek,
Your face calms down, and it remains very hurt and weak,
Apologizing is too late now, it'd only make things worse,
Wounds like these, they're always too innocent to nurse.

The entire room slows down, and it snows outside,
Slowly the snowflakes reach the ground, and I feel the conversation has died,
Our eyes they meet, before they flee to the window,
If we fail this, our love has weakened, but if we make it through, then it grew.

The words we threw, are picking up again,
It all starts over, from the beginning of then,
You're screaming, I'm shouting, we're going nowhere,
What fills the room, is nothing but poisonous and toxic air.

They say that a feud never ends untill two parts agree,
But darling, to such a degree as ours, can we?
Is it too late to save, or shall we keep enduring,
Our wounds, our threats, it isn't love-curing.

We're now in each side of the room,
We've managed to agree, that the pillow-fight shouldn't resume,
I love you, and you love me, at least that's what you said,
But sweetheart, who were you with last, in bed?

I might be wrong, and you might be too,
Is it only I, who want to make it through?
In the end, I see you in my arms, within my embrace,
But will I ever be able to look again, at your sweet face?

A part of me wants to slap you again, I don't trust you, it's all lies,
And what makes it even worse, is your unfaithful, neverending denies,
Another part of me, wants me to fall on my knees and beg and plead,
After all, I hurt you, I hit you, I made you cry, it is -you- I need.

Do you want me to beg, cry or soothe?
Shall I take your hand, and caress it within mine so smooth?
I want you to understand how it is I am in a struggle,
Deep down, you know all I want, is for you and I to snuggle.

I draw an ace, I invent a dream,
I rapidly draw a perfect scheme,
Your hands are claimed within mine, and I hold them tight,
Only when we agree, when we're together, may we be right.

I place a swift kiss on your crimson red lips,
I caress your many wounds, from all of our trips,
I speak sweet words, close to your ear, and tell you I'll always care,
Whatever love I have left within me, I'll with you share.

You wrap your arms around my waist,
From my upper lip you seize a quick taste,
A mumbling, I hear from your lips, but I don't understand,
All I get, is; ' I love you...' as you tightly grab my hand.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 18, 2013

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