A Lady In Red Poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

A Lady In Red

The lady in red

Ah, Cristiana, so tall an elegant you are
Your dress richly red cost more than a pensioner's yearly pay
Perfect your make-up; did you need help?

Ah, Cristina, you are so stern, a tanned gym mistress
wants us to pay our taxes on time, be modest in our pay demand
You are a Goddess and therefore pay no taxes

Ah, Cristina, I saw you once at Gar Du Nord in Paris, boarding a train
tall you were, among grey-suited men, deeply tanned your face
Your silk scarf is so colourful; who is your hairdresser?

Ah, Cristine, severely you lectured the Greeks squandering money
Demanding they pay promptly and save on social expenses.
The day you went for a holiday in the Bahamas.

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