A Left That Does Nothing

this is what
i learned:
if i do something,
this creates ripples
(please content of a
dictionary, do no go to wikipedia.
it is the academia's twilight zone; nothing is meant for humanity sake, or any out there public. it is tribalism basically! race and ethnic alliances for dominance.
the enlightenment was necessary, but insufficient.
I hate personally axioms.)

see it for yourself!
be my witness,
jahova, or
twilingsky, jin jo lee,
akiko, chi chung chong
(or simply any one from sweet
corn hong kong; sorry for all the miss 'spellings, ')
chicafusa, samsung pc.
i love you all, but
if i do not do something,
it creates
a butterfly
like a smoke or a fart
that one smells from distance,
and says,
that is only from the
united states.
(it is because they are all grisly bears
not one of them is a panda.)

it is true,
the ripples i want,
the ones i
and you
deeply desire and appreciate,
or lets put it this way,
the one you can not buy
from amazon, facebook or walmart.com,
and any dot com, dot net, dot org, dot whatsoever,
as a matter of fact
(i put at the end for better contrast;
what matter first, and facts will come later.)

for this reason,
i hate the leftism,
the right,
and it is ism asthma factions.
who is right and up right!
any femme nis-tique boring
and with mood disorder movement.
they are racist deep into the bone.
because it is about ranks,
status, network,
where you come from?
i am jalapeno and you are not?
you are a slave and we are not!
and each generation
is building a new vocabulary
and linguistic nuclear arsenals.

maybe that is what slavery is all about.
few maniac control freak
thieves, and the rest are lambs,
and light bulb rams.

sorry at the end.
i got pissed off.
hope it is a tiny butter fly
among all the butterflies,
bees, and insects that
disappeared in an
eco genocidal
and samson and delilah

if one may ask
me: do you like
the states?
i would say
it is the most boring country
in the planet.

tax everywhere and in everything.
cups everywhere and in everything.
few kids enjoy
their childish times,
the rest are peasants
polite buggers
and impolite free masons,
as a matter of fact
if friendship
means having a dog or two.
a cat or three cat.
basically a zoo within a zoo.
a jail within a jail.
I hate when a carpenter
says he is an