A Little Bit Of Me Poem by Sawan Dhyani

A Little Bit Of Me

Beneath these twinkling stars,
Sitting alone under this blue sky,
I engrave these lines,
Knowing not WHY?
Knowing not why I write,
Maybe I'm a bit too shy,
A bit too shy,
A bit too shy to tell the world,
What I think-How I feel
When someone in my mind, tries to escape,
When there's no one with whom I can share, for whome I can care...
Maybe I'm a bit too conscious,
A bit too conscious about me,
About my presence, about my existence
For I, only I know, that you'll never know,
But wait, no, for that I take a sorry,
Cuz that must be another story,
And with that, I'm gonna take your leave,
You know why? I'm passing through a SIEVE...
I know it has become a real too messy,
for you to know, for you to understand,
For you can't understand, WHERE I STAND
Cuz its only A LITTLE BIT OF ME

One of my first poem :)

Sawan Dhyani 14 August 2012

Hey thanks :) Same to you :)

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Valsa George 08 August 2012

Your first step itself is promising.... and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.....! Continue to travel to brighter destinations! All best Wishes! !

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