Sawan Dhyani Poems

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Cross Your Limits

Will you walk with me?
We shall move out fast
'Cause you're the only one,
One left, one last

Do Me A Favour

Do me a favour,
Turn the radio down
Tell the kids 'make no sound'
Fly the chirrups away from the ground


Living with this feeling of love & guilt,
Reconsidered my dreams, how were they built?
Opened my eyed, gotta decide you,
Cuz I'm unable to see anything beside you.

Let Me Take You There

Take me to a place
Where all my sufferings end,
Where there are no people
Whose broken hearts are to be mend.

Bittersweet Symphony

Find me my heart my friends,
For it's she who has stolen mine from me,
And made it come to life again,
Like dusk rays shine the light on sea.

Take Care

Dese days aren't goin' well 4 u, I know
But life ain't a game, its challenge, no show
Prayin' 4 ur recovery with da gods, they know
For all ur discomforts get away fast, not slow.

From Hell

Since everyone is wise and clever,
Let it be the worst night ever

Let the blood vessels burst you to death,

A Little Bit Of Me

Beneath these twinkling stars,
Sitting alone under this blue sky,
I engrave these lines,
Knowing not WHY?

Reincarnation Love

I was wandering lonely in the sky,
Had no connection, no matter what, with those who fly
Since the day I learnt to flap my wings,
I've been listening to a melody that the cold wind sings.

The Morons Test

There was a guy,
There was a girl
The guy liked her,
And stared at her curl.

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