Desirée Lodge

A Little Girl With Her Teddy Bear

There is a little blonde girl, she asked her parents;
“Mommy, Daddy what does love means? ”
They said that love is what that they loved her very much;
This makes sense to a little girl to understand.

Shook her own head, waving her blondish hair;
Waters came out of her eyes, dripping like pouring rain;
Screaming like bunch of elephants running over;
“Mommy! Daddy! It hurt! I’m sorry! ”

Sitting alone in the corner with her dirty teddy bear;
“Mommy... Daddy... I love you too...”
Covered with bruises and blood on her body;
She wore a big t-shirt that was already ripped.

Desired for food;
Every time they came up to her room;
They only brought food and milk;
However it wasn’t plenty food she ate.

Desired for warm;
Every night, it was cold, she couldn’t sleep;
No warmer blanket, no warmer pillow;
Alone at the chilly night with her teddy bear.

Desired for to save;
Went to school everyday, teacher came up to little girl;
Asked this little girl where she got those bruises and cuts from;
She told her teacher, she got it from fell at anywhere.

She remembered;
If she told anyone what is actually happen;
She will get hurt;
However, she continues smiling for no matter how much hurt she is.

Every time she made a stupid mistake;
Mom and Dad got mad and hurting her;
But it’s alright; she knows they loved her.
They just don’t know how to show their love.

Only she knew that only one thing that loved her back;
That her o’ teddy bear;
When she hugged it, it hugged her back;
She always tells her teddy bear about everything, and teddy bear didn’t tell anyone.

At this day;
She made a little mistake;
Her parents got annoyed, and knock the hell out of her;
Her loss is a lot of blood is on everywhere in her room.

She sees the light, with her stunning blued eyes;
She looked back at her body and house.
There were noises around her house;
Polices and doctors are everywhere.

She sees herself lying on the bed at the hospital;
All doctors and nurse do their best that they could;
But nothing work;
Her heart rate had no motion of beats.

Here is she;
Lying on the bed, smiling;
With her teddy bear;
Lying by the side of this little girl’s.

She is now free.

Poem Submitted: Monday, January 5, 2009

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