A Little Token Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

A Little Token

Rating: 5.0

To spend with you and muse up with your love,
Like the role of a chieftancy against this backdrop;
Where one needs a little token to move on in life.

Think of the things that you can do on this earth and,
Try to support other with your love;
For there are still some bad nuts among us.

That is the way it is and somethings will never change,
That is the way it is and some trees will never grow,
That is the way it is and some people will never learn,
And the bloodstain in her panties was a state of shock and disbelief;
But all the matured ladies delved into the matter.

I am waiting for the second red light in life and,
Tom overcome the first was like a dream;
But no matter what, my faith will lead me on.

A little token is alll that it takes on your love,
Like the unique and distinquished acts of ones mind;
But your love determins the norms and,
I am the object of desire tonight on this isssue.

Try to feel better about who you are and,
Try to keep your head above water always;
Like a message to our rich culture with,
The sadness of the past.

Beware of yesterday!
For it is full of the sadness of the past;
So try to give our a little token on this love,
For there is no Red Carpet in heaven!
Save a little and give a little to all mankind,
For it takes a little token to bring out the joy of somebody.

Sadiqullah Khan 09 December 2008

The last stanza by itself is a theme, , , , , well written, , enjoyed reading it, ,10

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