A Love You'Ll Remember Poem by Donna McCord

A Love You'Ll Remember

When will I ever get over this pain?
I want to laugh and feel whole again
Loving you was easy; I was comfortable there.
Now all I have left is this pain to bear.

Alone in my grief my mind replays scenes
Of the happiness we shared, then my agony screams
I reach for the pillow where your scent still lingers
And pain grabs my heart with its icy fingers.

I’ve always been told that hindsight is 20/20
If comfort’s to be found there, I can’t find any.
I thought giving my all was enough to keep you
But you took all I had and left my heart broke in two.

I treated you with honor and dignity and care
You never needed me when I was not there.
You know you cheated and I never did.
I was always there for you and the kids.

So I’ll bear this pain and I’ll make it through.
Someday I’ll wake up and not think of you.
But my heart knows you’ll wake up one day
And realize what you had and threw away.

You’ll think of me in springtime and reminisce
You’ll realize then all the good things you miss.
For as long as you live you’ll know there’ll never be
Anyone that could love you any more than me.

Anita Grassrope 18 June 2008

mad luv for this one chaa, ...real wicked very poetic check mine if you want too pce

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Donna McCord

Donna McCord

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