From The Cradle To The Grave Poem by Donna McCord

From The Cradle To The Grave

A child is born and the world doesn’t care
There’s famine and poverty and disease everywhere
There’s crime in the streets and a wolf at the door
The hustle and bustle and no one cares anymore

To a handful of people the child is a blessing
It’s more than the body of the child that needs dressing
The mind of this tiny and beautiful girl
Will need nurturing and caring to face this cruel world.

To keep her alert but not so she’s jaded
She’ll be counseled by many and some will be hated
But none are as responsible for her welfare as one
It’s her mother that shines in her life like the sun

It’s back breaking work to rear a child in these days
For wickedness hides in so many ways
Is it better to stay home, guard that soft place to fall?
Or should she work and provide for them all?

Life doesn’t slow down, the clock ticks on and on
The years pass by like leaves that are blown
The seed that was planted and grew to a baby
Will metamorphous into a beautiful lady

Now the real test for the mother begins its descent
It’s more difficult now to remain innocent.
The hormones and boys and temptations abound
Mom’s vigilance keeps her feet on the ground

Mom knows all too well what temptation feels like
It seems like yesterday that wrong felt so right.
Lord how does she protect her from Satan’s ruse?
She prays that the Lord will help provide clues.

If life is kind and the girl waits for her prince
She’ll have her fairy tale where life will make sense
But more often than not fate deals low in the deck
But by the grace of God she’ll avoid the wreck

It’s the cycle of life that still remains timeless
The best years of her life reveals love and kindness
May she learn a good lesson how her mom’s bed was made
It’s love that we long for from the cradle to the grave.

Ann Beard 03 March 2008

How we try to protect our children. Well written thank you.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 01 March 2008

live to your fullest and the world is your stage.we come and go, baibeh!

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