I Believe Poem by Donna McCord

I Believe

I believe in God, and in the power of prayer,
And in finding salvation somewhere out there.
I believe that some friends you meet here in this life
Are still found today in a husband and wife.

I believe that challenges should be faced head on
You must put your trust in God to help you to be strong.
I believe that helping family, your friends and neighbors
Will always be repaid ten fold should we become disabled.

I believe that beauty can run deeper than just skin
That what really matters comes from deep within.
I believe that motherhood is special, sacred and pure
A mother’s love will shadow pain that others can’t endure.

I believe that children are truly Heaven sent.
Every child born in this world is good and innocent.
Parents are the key to molding them in spirit
To teach them to respect the world and all who dwell within it.

I believe that beauty can be found easily in nature
Seasons can reveal the Lord’s great talent in painting splendor.
The whole world has beauty if you know where to look.
You can open windows to the world by picking up a book.

I believe that talents should never go to waste
Once you find yours, cherish it and expound on it post haste..
Some tell me that my poetry was given as a gift
If so, let me thank God for it - just like this.

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