A Man For Me Poem by Evelyn Nec

A Man For Me

Rating: 5.0

A white rose,
for a man that loved me so
but I returned a cold heart
I detested his love
the reason is still alien to me
A scornful gaze welcomed him home,
my tantrums haunted his mornings.
Until the day he walked out of the door
and never returned....
He was not the man for me.

A blue rose,
for a man I fancied....so rare
A love I was deceived to have found
My guard I let loose
liberating him into a monster
On my knees I served him,
On my back I were wounds from lashing
when his temper skyrocketed
He learned the ways
to puppet a desperate woman....
until I round-kicked him unconscious
He was not the man for me.

An orange rose,
for a man I loved so
He loved me too
and this I know for sure
but he walked away nevertheless
Each thing in a skirt
had his tail wagging for a taste
His desires were unquenchable
Until I set all his belongings on fire...
that's when he realized that I meant business.
He was not the man for me

A yellow rose,
for a man that made me
ashamed of my own bodily desires
I was needy,
running from loneliness,
ready to take in anything.
I met evil in person
My body was used
I hated my existence
I almost denounced life
until I buried a bullet in his skull.
He was not the man for me

A red rose,
for a man I never loved
but loved to be his destination
when he wanted to cheated on his wife
Our escapades were wilder
than animals in the Savannah
The intensity of not being caught
in his marital bed,
the mid-nights escapes
Breakfasting with sunrise
Life was such a delusion
until he was given the chance to choose
I was left standing alone.....crying.
He was not the man for me

A black rose,
for a man I know so well.
Through think and thin
he has never let me go
for he knows deep down
I'm just as fragile
remove the scornful gaze,
the never ending tantrums,
desperation's subordination,
enslaving desires,
and settling for less,
under my coat of scared human skin
is a woman searching for love
Until I learned to love myself,
to treasure life
that's when I found love.
I'm the man for me.

Amos Christopherson Masereka 20 November 2013

nice one thanks poet i love it

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