A Man Named Spider Eyes Poem by Eizen S.J.

A Man Named Spider Eyes

'I the man named spider eyes,
Feast your orbs upon my web.
Don't you love the silk lined detail,
That ensures that I stay fed

I really see no vehement issue
Watching silly flies get stuck.
Their minds too small, so minuscule
Not one would give a kcuf

I live to watch them writhe and squirm
Seizing slowly and in pain
The venom sets, their eyes pop out
Delicious after slain

I wrap the rest, so tuck and tight
Checking twice there is no waste
Knowing soon I will make meals
With an older ferment taste

My crystal eyes, they show me much
A world of tall times eight.
I hide in corners, remain to self.
So I can bait my hate.

You won't see, I've made sure that
My web as clear as glass.
Even great men caught in hubris,
with blank minds they pass.

Giving me my ample time
To find my place to bite
Hoping one day, maybe someday
rot takes to the site

To watch the horrid human race
Be subject to decay
And spot their haughty statues crumble,
Would frankly make my day

But here I work, weave in my web
A sticky wound display
And hopefully impress my mate
My head was cut as prey'


A Man Named Spider Eyes
If the itsy bitsy spider had enough of blatant ignorance
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