The Grizzly Man's Mounted Head Poem by Eizen S.J.

The Grizzly Man's Mounted Head

"I wondered on a grizzly hunt,
A boy, half-blind, so green
Nothing more than ransack tools
To make me seem so mean

A heart of gold, my steps kept pace,
My guide the upturned blue
"I feel no fear", "I feel no fear"
I sang till it felt true

The sky turned dark, trees grew thick
T'was time to stop and rest
The fire stoked, a meal prepared
Night one, by far, the best

The sun chose rose, north east calls
O'er rivers sing-song sung
Thru mountain tops, and cold dew drops
Sir hunger found my tongue

Sought high and low, for thing to snack
Bugs filled my belly's brim.
And used my fragile frostbit eye
To spot a glimmer dim

A cave lit up, the distance few
Only mere mile a-way
The voice of man, or heated meal
Should help my brain allay

I made the trek, hiked knee deep snow
I prayed the whole way too
Found mouth of cave, a thing was there
Half-bear, half-man, it snoozed.

My feet they stepped, toward fire warm
Felt blood come back to hand
Then turned my head, and look to feast
My eyes upon the man

His head contort, marks split and scarred
The Wounds from hunters past?
I kept my tread, so light and swift
But moved to view his mass

A torso huge, his chest that fell
Caught deep in Hypnos game.
His left leg bear, the right arm too
The man parts bruised and maimed

I watched him long, caught deep in thought
And pondered what to do,
This freak of god, on bed of bones
its expiration queued?

I rummaged quick, I rushed to arm
The danger filled the cave
Climbed down my throat, into my soul
My mind, there was no save.

I emerged in spring, with face of blood
I did what had to do
My ransack filled, with man bear head
The story lives on true

So now he stays, upon my wall
Mount on highest reign
And lives forever, thru words of mouth
Legacy born from pain"


Is the boy the protagonist? I would argue no, Love the use of tetrameter though💖
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